Video Game Music

The pieces on this page are a sample of some of the music that I’ve written. Some of them were written for games that for one reason or another were never completed, while others were written as fun experiments or projects. There are also a handful of sound effect tracks featured here. I will be making regular updates to this section with the newer pieces and sound effects that I’ve written and created.

“Castle Ruins” was originally written for an exploration/puzzle game. The game’s creator wanted something tranquil and mysterious for an abandoned temple in an early section of the game. I kept it relatively simple with just a woodwind melody and some accompaniment.

“Phantom Chase” started off as an experiment with strings and changing meters and later became a piece for a chase scene in another game project. This track also gave me an excuse to use some of the live drum samples in my instrument library and allowed me to test what my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) could handle.

“Derelict Ship” is a piece I wrote for the Gam3rConpilation 2013 Album. For this piece, I decided to write something that featured some menacing electronic elements that would contrast well against the more tranquil melodies from the shakuhachi. The Gam3rConpilation Album features a variety of pieces by some very talented game composers. I highly recommend checking it out.

“Forgotten Conflicts (Intro)” is the opening to a new podcast titled Forgotten Conflicts. The podcast is a history podcast written and hosted by a good friend of mine Brett Pierce. The program will be launching in the near future and I’ll have more details on that when it airs.

In addition to game music, I’ve also created sound effects for a handful of projects. I’ve included a few samples of these effects and sounds below. 

“Alien Atmosphere” is a little experimental track that I made for a sci-fi project. This was intended for a hostile or desolate space environment that the player would be exploring. This track shows off some of the various effect combinations that were created for the area. 

“Wind SFX” is a relatively self-explanatory title. This is a small collection of different 16-bit/SNES style wind effects that I created for a retro game project. This particular project needed strong and stormy gusts of wind for one of the environments.

I’ll be adding some more pieces and sound effect tracks to this page in the near future. I write music in a few different styles including classical/orchestral, progressive rock, and chiptune/electronic. If you’re interested in any of my music for a video game, or for other media, you can reach me by filling out the information on the contact page. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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